How do I prepare for my first visit?
  Download and complete Registration and Health Record forms Patient Resources
Arrive 15 minutes before appointment to complete check-in.
Bring your insurance cards and photo identification.
Bring relevant medical records.
Minors must be accompanied by parent/guardian.
Remove makeup.
What happens if I am late for my appointment?
  In most instances, you will need to reschedule if you miss your appointment.
What is the appointment cancellation policy?
  A 48 hour cancellation notice is required.
Will the office bill my insurance?
  We will bill your insurance if we are contracted providers for your plan.
Contact your insurance company to find out if our doctors are contracted.
We are not contracted with HMOs, Medi-Cal/Medicaid, or worker's compensation.
Do I need a referral to see the doctors?
  Contact your insurance plan to find out.
Do I need prior authorization from my insurance to receive services?
  Contact your insurance plan to find out.
What charges will I be responsible for?
  You will be responsible for copayments, coinsurance, deductibles and cosmetic/non-covered services.
Contact your insurance company to obtain this information.
Copays and deductibles are due at the time of service.
Are the doctors board-certified?
Which hospitals are the doctors affiliated with?
  St. Jude Medical Center (Fullerton)
What do I do if I need emergency or urgent dermatology care?
  Call 911 for life threatening emergency problems.
Call the office and listen to the menu for instructions for urgent problems.
How do I get a refill on my medication?
  In order for our physicians to consider your request, contact your pharmacy and have them request an electronic refill authorization directly from our office.